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Before During and After!

Before During and After!

Before During and After!

Summer 2013

Businesses that annoy your neighbors are strictly prohibited, especially Dog Business!

Summer 2013's highlighted issue will be ensuring that home businesses do not violate covenants. Additionally, allowing pets to roam off your lot without a leash and without cleaning up after them will be observed and violations will be issued.

Dog Business

Fall 2013

The only flames in the backyard belong on your barbecue

Fall 2013's highlighted issue is keeping all flames confined to a barbecue! Fire pits or chimineas are generally not allowed within any of association. There is a total burn ban in Spokane County!

Fire Pit Chiminea

Spring 2013

The only chickens in the backyard belong on your barbecue

Spring 2013's highlighted issue is keeping farm animals in yards within an Association. While State, County, and City Ordinances may allow for a certain number of chickens in a backyard within their jurisdictions, all CCRs for every single association we manage specifically prohibit chickens, ducks, and other farm animals.

Happy Chicken Happy Barbecue