Focused experience - continuing education - credentialing.
26 years Property Management experience
17 exclusively in Association Management

Visibility/management – Compliance Officer drives through every neighborhood monthly, unless we have been notified of an issue or we are following up on an outstanding issue, then they'll go onsite more frequently. This covers both the contractor performance in the common areas as well as the homeowner covenant violations.
Policy Violations – Letters are prepared when violations are noted with the appropriate follow-up timeline as well as the relevant CCR cited. Follow-up timelines vary depending on the issue, not having completed the new home landscaping might have a longer turn-around time than would a garbage can being left out. However, at all times the CCRs dictate what and how long if that item is clarified within the CCRs.
Meetings – We attend, organize location for annual meetings, prepare meeting notification and proxy forms, prepare a standard agenda that the board can edit. The board secretary is to take the minutes and we will post them to the website promptly after receiving an approved version. We provide the official sign in sheets and all the financial reporting for the meeting including any copies that are needed for handouts. All at no additional charge to the association outside of shipping and handling.
Budget/Financial – We report to the board fully every month, a full package of Budget v Actual comparisons, Income and Expense both for the previous month and Year to Date, Vendor summary, Account balance sheet, and Accounts Receivable aging summary of owners accounts. Annually we prepare your preliminary budget based on historical accounting and any increases we have researched from vendors and then submit it to the board for approval. At the year-end mailing to all homeowners we include financial statements, budgets and any other financials approved by the board for inclusion. All included in your management fee.
Large Project Organization and Management – Supervision of standard maintenance and repairs are included in your management fee. Occasional projects such as fence replacement, asphalt sealing, and overseeing of the Reserve Study process are included. We have taken into consideration any existing common elements and upkeep of those would not be an extra charge. An additional charge per hour for the Client Operations manager to oversee any brand new common area element would be discussed while the board is making the decision about installation of a new element.
Communication/Web Page – We maintain a full site at and individual pages for each association as well. Your financials and other approved information is uploaded at the board’s discretion to the site.
Portal — We provide online portal access for all homeowners and additional access for board members. Violations, Architectural Change requests, Ledger history for owners, Board member monthly financials, online payment options, historical and governing document access.

Association Care

Contracting - open bid process - research - recommendations

Reserve Study - contracting - review - budgeting

Budgeting - long range planning - annual reporting

Review - financials - reporting

Closings - closings - reports - documenting for mortgage companies

Closing Agents: click here for portfolio listing

Collections - 4.4% delinquency rate - beats national average of 8% - long term delinquencies turned to an association collection agency as needed

Board & Annual Meetings

Planning - preparation - mailings

Attending - advising - reports - election supervision

Septic Stations & Water Systems

Supervision - contractors - bids - follow up

Safety - licensing - permits - testing Supervision

Board Members

Board Liaison

A designated Board Liaison works with your board members to conduct elections, budget approvals, annual meetings, and more. Overseeing all the services provided by HOAAgents and ensuring they are provided at the boards specific request and specifications.

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